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Click here to learn what you risk if you do not declare your personnel.


You wish to become independent while benefiting from our support? You may develop the MACMENAGE, MACBEBE, MACCOOK or MACBUREAUX network in your region.

Just fill out this form and specify that you would like to become a franchisee of MACMENAGE SARL.

MACMENAGE, a unique network for services la carte:


You decide whether you take advantage of our services on a daily or monthly basis; for an hour or for a week, the arrangement is always at your convenience. Hourly payments or a flat-rate, it's your choice.


MACMENAGE recruits its personnel according to carefully defined criteria. This is especially important, for instance, when it comes to the chaperones we send you to take care of your children.

You will receive several c.v.s of possible candidates, and will be able to test out, and select, the person that is right for you.

Custom service

We want you to have personnel suited to your individual needs, so we take into account factors such as travelling convenience, personal habits, and language skills.

We submit several dossiers for you to choose from at your discretion. Furthermore, you have the possibility to test your chosen personnel and make changes, if necessary.


During weekdays, MACMENAGE can be with you within 24 hours.

Club advantages

  • We offer bonus hours according to previous booking
  • You'll get a personal password to your own member-page on this website
  • There are many MACMENAGE special offers for members
  • Rates include all mandatory social security, and accident insurance
  • Yearly membership fees

You wish to benefit from these advantages? Click here to learn more about MACMENAGE membership.